Weekly Veggie Boxes for South Dakota and Gardening Tips
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Mission Statement

To grow high quality, nutritious produce for local consumers and contribute positively to the health and well-being of the community in which we live.

Soil! Soil! Soil!

The key to the ecological sustainability of our garden and the healthiness of our produce is the health of our soil. Soil that is rich in nutrients and high in organic matter and biological active produces vegetables that are high in nutritional value and taste. Healthy soil also results in fewer pests and weeds. We use a lot of organic matter to build up the soil.

Growing and Learning

We currently have 3 high tunnels which allows to have fresh produce as early as March and as late as December. We also have winter storage that we use to fill veggie boxes full or the carrots , potatoes, cabbage, beets, and onions.

We participate in or hosts several events each year to share what we have learned. This spring we will be hosting a root cellar workshop.  Check out our blog to see more of what we have been up to. *Note our veggieboxes are only available for local delivery